With our sole focus on humanities and literary studies, in Interpretations we aim to publish interdisciplinary articles on literature of high repute. Best perception in one area of studies often comes from a set of knowledge derived in a different area; the cross-fertilisation of different fields of knowledge is thus very important as ideas and concepts of one discipline often help to understand the subtle nuances of another. With all possibilities of the interdisciplinary, Interpretations aims to critically engage in approaching literary studies from all angles of scholarships. A critical and deep understanding of the ever-changing scenario of the present is sought by scholarly investigation of the cultural, formal and critical representations of literature and theoretical paradigms of the past and present.

Interpretations aims to furnish a space for academicians, researchers and scholars for disseminating their research findings and scholarly discourses from a multidisciplinary angle. We envision it as an open space for exchanging knowledge—and, it is solely for the purpose of dissemination of critical discourses of academic research.

Interpretations is a non-profit journal and it does not charge any fee from the authors at any stage of publication. The merit of the manuscript submitted would be the only thing for editorial decision(s).


Interpretations is scheduled to be printed and published in August of every year. It would publish critical and scholarly studies on the socio-cultural and political aspects of literature; moreover, it will cater to the presentation and representation of cultural conceptualisation of literary studies in its broader sense.

As is solely devoted to the publication of research articles, Interpretations does not publish any fiction/poem/reflective essays etc. At present we do not also publish book reviews or interviews.

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