Classrooms :

Sukanta College currently provides nine (9) spacious classrooms for its students. The largest classroom has capacity for 450-500 Students. This classroom is generally used for seminars, conferences, workshops and other related works.

Library :

All students and faculty members of Sukanta College have an access to the college library. The library currently possesses more than 2000 books, journals, magazines and newspapers in English as well as in vernacular languages. Apart from library access, students are provided with online access to educational repository of the college available on the college website. This repository is regularly updated by the faculty members of the departments concerned.

Food & Nutrition Laboratory :

A well-equipped laboratory for Food & Nutrition course is built for the students to attend practical classes. If practical classes are held on ‘one is to one’ basis then 5-6 students can attend practical classes. However, if students are teamed into units then at least 20 students can take practical classes at a time.

Details of Laboratory equipment are listed below :

  • Chemicals: Chemical reagents—Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Iodine solutions, Sodium Bicarbonate solutions, Fehling’s reagent, Barfoed’s reagent. Reagents for Carbohydrates testing-Sucrose, Glucose, Lactose. Conical Flasks, Test-tubes, Pipettes, etc.
  • Physics: Volumetric Flasks, Thermometer, Hypsometer.
  • Physiology: Stethoscope, Blood Detection Kit, Sphygmomanometer, Slides.
  • Nutrition: Gas Oven, Induction Cooktop, Pot, Plates, Pressure Cooker.

Canteen :

A small canteen is present within the college premises for students’ refreshments.

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