Department of Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit offers three years Undergraduate Honours and General Degree Courses to the students of Sukanta College. Currently there is one faculty member in the department, who provides a friendly environment in the teaching-learning process as he goes beyond the scheduled hours of classroom teaching. The faculty concerned is easily approachable and never hesitates in extending personal care to each and every student in their need.

To download the (HONS) and (GEN) syllabus of Sanskrit, Click Here A, B, C

Faculty Profiles :

  • Sri. Sovan Lal Dey MA (Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan), MLIS (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
    State Aided College Teacher (SACT) & Head

Sri Sovan Lal Dey completed his post-graduation in Sanskrit with a specialization in Navya Vyakarana of Panini System from Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan. For a short duration he was involved as a Samskriti Sambhasan Shikshak of Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan. Later, he has completed MLIS from IGNOU with a special effort in Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials and focused on Research Methodology. At present he is working as a State Aided College Teacher in this department.

Areas of Interest :

Navya Vyakarana (Panini System).

Message to the Students :

“তোমার দৃষ্টি রাখো সূর্যকিরণের দিকে, ছায়া তোমার নজরে আসবে না।”

Contact Info. :

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