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Rules & Regulations

College Admission

Students are required to apply for admission to the different under graduate courses through college website www.sukantacollege.org or through printed forms available of the college office between 11a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on specified working days. Separate application forms are to be filled up for Honours subjects. Candidates applying for general course have to apply through separate Application form. Candidates are requested to visit the college website and college Notice Board for Merit List (for Hons. & Gen.), and other information related to Admission. The candidates have to submit the application fees to State Bank of India, Bhangankhali Branch (Basanti). The selected candidates are required to secure admission on full payment of requisite fees in the college office. The parent/local guardian must be present at the time of Admission. Migrants from other Board shall have to meet the Principal personally before filling up the college Admission Form.

Courses Offered

B.A. Honours : Bengali, Political Science.

B.A. General : Bengali, English, History, Political Science, Education, Arabic, Sanskrit.

Admission Criteria

A candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary (10+2) or its equivalent examination is eligible to seek admission to the 1st year of the three years B.A. Hons./Gen. Course of studies provided he or she has also passed in English having full marks not less than 100.

However, no candidate shall be allowed for admission after a lapse of more than three years from the year of passing the previous qualifying examination or discontinuation of recognised regular Course of Study after passing the previous qualifying examination.

Candidate taking up Honours course in a subject must have obtained :

  • For General candidate : A minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate & 45% marks in the subject or related subjects at the previous qualifying examination or 55% marks in the subject or 50% marks in aggregate .
  • For O.B.C-A & O.B.C-B : Same as General
  • For S.C./S.T. :A minimum of 40% marks in aggregate or 40% marks in subject.

Candidate taking up General Course must qualify Higher Secondary (10+2) or its equivalent examination or 40% in aggregate.

The following documents are to be submitted at the time of admission

  • Duly filled in admission Form.
  • Two recent passport size photographs.
  • Two attested copies of Madhyamik Admit Card (To be attested by the Head of the Institution last attended).
  • Two attested copies of H.S. Mark Sheet (To be attested by the Head of the Institution last attended).
  • Two attested copies of SC/ST certificate from appropriate authority, viz, the D.M./A.D.M./S.D.O., in proper format (for S.C./S.T. students only). The Original SC/ST certificate must be produced at the time of admission. Registration without which can not be made.
  • Students taking a transfer from other colleges are to produce their Original Transfer Certificates.

Aims & Objectives

  • Dissemination of knowledge is the primary object of the College.
  • The College aims at imparting liberal education that helps in developing the personality of the students of the locality.
  • Spread of higher education among the poor & meritorious students in the remotest area of Sundarbans.
  • The most outstanding feature of the College is to instill such habits and thoughts which will enable the students to accept the best Indian Culture to become worthy citizens of the country.
  • The College aims at empowerment of girls of the locality through proper education.
  • The College aims at arranging proper academic and physical infrastructure for higher learning.
  • The most significant purpose of the College is to encourage and appreciate healthy and cordial, yet disciplined, reciprocal relationship between the teachers and the taught.


According to the rules of the University of Calcutta a student must attend 75% of the lectures delivered including tutorial and practical. Students attending less that 75% but more than 60% of the classes in any subject / group subjects will be declared NON COLLEGIATE student and may be allowed to sit for the Final Examination at the discretion of the College Authority.
However, a student attending less than 60% of the classes shall be declared DIS-COLLEGIATE and shall be debarred from appearing at the Final Examination.

Duties to be followed by the Students

  • Be worthy and proud of the institution you have joined.
  • Be regular in the classes.
  • Be punctual in everything you do.
  • Be attentive in your classes.
  • Be courteous, respectful and helpful.
  • Be dignified and disciplined.
  • Learn to interact politely with people.
  • Seek your teachers guidance when you are in doubt.
  • Keep your College campus clean.
  • Speak English in order to have command over the language, if you want to be established in future.
  • Wear clean modest clothes.
  • Make use of rich material in the Reading Room and Library.
  • Know your country well.
  • Enrich your general knowledge.
  • Respect the right of orders.
  • Posturing, writing and putting posters on the walls in and outside of the college campus are strictly prohibited.

A candidate taking up Honours Course in a subject must have obtain

  • 50% marks in the aggregate and 45% marks in the subject at the previous qualifying examination.
  • 55% marks in the subject at the previous qualifying examination.
  • However, candidates belonging to SC, ST community taking up honours course of study must have obtained a minimum 40% marks in the aggregate or 40% marks in the subject at the previous qualifying examination, as the case may be.

Eligibility Conditions For University Examination

Part I Exams

  • Qualifying marks for the Honours students in Honours subjects is 35%.
  • Qualifying marks for the Honours students in General subjects is 25%.
  • Students must attain 30% marks in compulsory English and compulsory Bengali (Language group) and 20% in each language.

Part II Exams

  • Students must secure minimum 25% in general subjects but 30% combining the part I and part II Exams.
  • Honours students ought to score 35% as the qualifying marks. The students who fulfil the conditions mentioned above only are eligible for the 3rd year exams.
  • Students securing less than 35% marks in Honours subjects in part II Exams but secured 30% in part I and part II Exam. (combined) are eligible for appearing at the 3rd year Exams as General students, Or they can sit for Honours Exams. in the following years.

Part III Exams (Honours Course)

  • Honours Exams in 3rd year will be conducted for the rest of the four papers out of 400 (Four Hundred).
  • Honours student will be considered to have succeeded only if they score 40% in part II and part III. If they secure less than 40% . They will be considered as plucked candidates.
  • Students must secure 30% marks in environmental studies.

Part III Exams (General Course)

In the case of General Course, the students will have to sit for their Exams in the 3rd year out of 100 in the 4th paper provided that they will secure at least 30% Marks in General subjects in order to be considered successful.

General Information For The Students

  • 1. Discipline & cleanliness :
    Every student of the college must maintain strict discipline and cleanliness in the college premises. Any student found violating college discipline/cleanliness norm, misbehaving with fellow students/teachers/college staff, adopting unfair means in college examination, making false statements, showing disrespect to National Flag/National Anthem, making comment which can create communal disharmony is liable to immediate expulsion/rustication by college authority.

  • 2. Academic Session :
    From June to July of every year (as prescribed by the University of Calcutta). Admission commence after the publication of Higher Secondary results and classes on such dates as may be fixed by the authority of college or University.

  • 3. Admission :
    Students are required to fulfil certain criteria fixed by the University or College authority. All admissions are made on the basis of merit provisionally and subject to approval by the University of Calcutta.

  • 4. Examinations :
    All the examinations of the college such as Class Test, Mid-Term & Test will be held according to the rules of the University Examinations. Any students if found adopting unfair means and violating the rules of examinations (C.U.) during any of the above internal examinations will be debarred from final examinations.

  • 5. Working Hours :
    From 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM with a recess of 15 minutes from 1:45 PM to 2:00 PM (Subject to change according to need) College remains open for 6 (six) days in a week from Monday to Saturday.

  • 6. College Dress :
    The College has no uniform dress code. Salwar Kameez with Dopattah or Saree for the girls are in common. It is expected that cleanliness, decency and decorum must be maintained.

  • 7. Notice Board :
    Information on various matters is communicated to the students by means of notice as displayed from time to time on the college Notice Board. Students are required to look at the Notice Board everyday for information, academic or otherwise, failing which the College cannot be held responsible for any matter whatsoever.

  • 8. Library :
    The Library remains open during college hours. Issue of books is subject to the rules to be printed on the back of the library card and to be given free of charge to every student.

  • 9. Extra-academic Activities :
    The College has different sub-committees such as admission, academic, Library, Sports, Examination, Magazine, Cultural, Attendance etc. They are managed by the office staff and the teachers. there is also a convener of each of the above sub-committees. Students may contact the respective convener for further details if required.

  • 10. Identity Card :
    At the time of admission every student will be provided with an Identity Card on payment of Rs. 30.00 . It is obligatory on the part of the students to carry the ID Card with them inside the college premises and to show it on demand.